Raw for Paw started with a longing for the perfect dog treat and an idea that it is easier to motivate and train a dog when the treat is right. It was also important that the treat should be organic, care about the animals - and for it to be so irresistible that the dogs would do anything for another piece!


A third important factor was that the treat should be dry, so that masters and friends could store it loosely in their pockets, and that they had as few calories as possible so that we could spoil our four legged friends. After very thoughtful and enthusiastic testing by our tasting professionals, we are now proud to present the dream treat Raw for Paw.


Karin färg_edited.jpg

Karin Pontén

CEO, founder

Strongly focused on food and bevarage, and heavily dedicated to dogs. Equally at home with boots in the forest as with a glass  of champagne in the bar. Collects points at dog competitions.


Henrik Pontén

Production, agreements and such

Thrives when he gets to work with dogs, horses and goats but is also a lawyer. Keeping track of production and legal tasks in the company.

Anna Viktorsson_5.jpg

Anna Viktorsson


Makes the world a bit more beautiful every day. Anna is the woman that makes art out of squares, the team's most colourful profile and skilled in a variety of images, logos and marketing packages.

Åsa färg.jpg

Åsa Österlund


The woman behind the words. Knows everything about advertising and transforms simple words in to magic tasty sentences.


Mukunda Neupane


The office's number cruncher who ensures that the margins ends up in the right place. Knows everything about the food trade, assesses crispbread by sound and goes wild for his favourite ice hockey team Leksand IF.

Jörgen aug 2020_störst.jpg

Johan Jeppsson 


His heart is not only extra ordinarily large. It also applauds extra for meeting people and nature. It is Johan who, thorugh his lense, makes sure to perpetuate Raw for Paw.

Smila med ny gul favorit_2.jpg


Trend-sensitive lady in her best years, always looking for the latest. As competitive as no one else, pretending to be a connoisseur but never says no to a meal - no matter what it contains.



An Irish stray who finally found home. Low level of ambition and not a major thinker, but a natural talent in finding friends and enjoying sweets.



A young lad with the heart in the right place and with kisses as weapons. Fearless, curious and a bit of a diplomatic talent. Has his role model in the breakout king Houdini. And - candy is to die for!